About Us

Founded in 1994 by Eng.Akram Fawzi, Aquacare has been collaborating with renowned architects across the middle east to produce some of the best aquatic projects, each a landmark with its own unique attraction.

Our team is recognized as one of the best at coordinating between all different engineering trades of architectural, structural and MEP. Thus, water feature design and construction is made as close to perfection as possible. Moreover, with the collaboration of developers, architects, designers and contractors, Aquacare technical expertise provides a variety of choice solutions in water feature design in order to achieve a high quality caliber and eventually exceed customer’s expectations.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to satisfy our client’s needs by maximizing resources and ensuring excellence of installations through proper inspection. Furthermore, as Aquatic Design Consultants, Aquacare is committed to ethically supporting architectural and owner based aquatic design. Hence, achieving our ultimate goal of exceeding the client’s expectations through the subsequent performance of the facility.

We know the challenges of the ever evolving technologies, and we to provide the latest tech that meets the client’s needs, which range from highly sophisticated sculpture to top of the line choreographed dancing features.

By providing either a Design, Construction Management or even Design and Build Package, we as an aquatic consultants and water systems engineers are obligated to help the client get the best value for his investment.


The world now is going greener, with each day global awareness towards sustainability issues is increasing; Aquacare is leading by example to this new era by focusing on reducing energy consumption with leading new technologies, reducing our carbon footprint for a greener tomorrow.

Our goal is to reduce the impact on our environment by minimizing water volume loss, and increasing system efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the water feature.